What a Japanese Dental Experience is Like

Hello Everyone,

Going to the dentist is something many people dread. I completely understand why since they can ruin your day by telling you bad news or high five you for consistent flossing. You never 100% know the potential outcome until after they finish their exam. It’s pretty nerve wracking to sit there waiting for the results.

That being said, in Japan dentist appointments actually are less scary than in America. Let me give you a quick list of differences instead of a play by play since dentistry doesn’t seem to vary very much anyhow.

  1. The office I went to everyone spoke English (I heard Mandarin and of course, Japanese). No worrying about not being completely understood about a tooth problem.
  2. They explained everything in detail including the X Ray process and bite tests. Whereas in my past dental vists they just do things without explaining why.
  3. Everyone was really gentle even when they were scrapping, poking or flossing my teeth. It was a nice change from the sharp gum piercing jabs of dental hygienists in America.
  4. This point isn’t much of a valid difference but once I sat down they gave me a blanket to cover my legs with (skirt be damned) which was something new to me.  The simple fleece blanket was comforting in a way that I didn’t expect. It was probably for modesty but it was lovely nonetheless.

The Japanese dentist I went to was really nice. It was more of an experience than a simple teeth cleaning. Their thoughtfulness combined with easy explanations of everything that would happen/was happening was reassuring to a person like me who gets really nervous when it comes to dentistry.

I hope this brief summary will relieve anyone of any apprehension about Japanese dentistry.

As a side note, this is my experience yours may vary.


See you soon,



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