Cat Cafes

Hello Everyone,

Let me just say Cat Cafes are life. You walk in get handed a sheet of rules and regulations for the cafe, slip your shoes off slap some slippers on and enter a world of cuteness.

When you walk in to a Cat Cafe nothing really magical happens. Cats do not run at you from all corners begging for attention. They usually don’t even acknowledge you unless you bought a hundred yen ‘cat snack pack’ when you first entered. No, these are just normal cats who happen to live in a place that sells coffee, tea or snacks. You walk inside, buy a snack and watch the cats around you just doing their thing.


Normally most cats lounge around on cushions, catch a few minutes of sleep in a sunny window or chase a toy being flung about. Now that I think about it Cat Cafes are just relaxing place for one to grab a bite to eat or drink and watch cats be cats. I truly think it is a nice way to spend a few hours studying for your next test or relaxing with a friend. 

I recommend visiting Cat Cafes on week days as weekends are super busy with couples, groups of friends and students packing cafes. My friend suggested that the best time to see energetic cats is right before they feed them so once they eat they have plenty of energy to play/not play with you.

(Who are we kidding? Cats choose if they want to play with you not the other way around.)

Have fun visiting a Cat Cafe!


See you soon,






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