The Lure of Themed Items!

Hello Everyone!

As the seasons change in Japan the seasonal themed merchandise also changes. Which makes for a even more fun time when you stroll through the shopping districts of Tokyo window shopping!

I particularly love all of the themed food and drinks that everyone who is anyone puts out for customers during popular national holidays, holidays that have been introduced to Japan like Christmas since the early 1900’s. Along, with any large and popular movies, manga, and television shows!

One of my favorite places to sit down and have coffee offers seasonal donuts like a maple and cream donut for fall while another hangout currently offers a orange and chocolate latte for winter. These are always fun to try as these goodies are usually the same price as normal items on the menu and with a new holiday or major movie screening you can be sure to have a large variety to indulge in!

Talk to you soon~



These donuts are for the Christmas season and are Paris themed!





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