Rikugien Gardens Illumination

Hello Everyone!

We recently visited the Rikugien Gardens which is known as the Garden of Waka Poetry. This garden has manmade hills and ponds that aim to reflect the beauty and thoughtfulness of Waka Poetry itself and from being read. As many art pieces also include Waka poems as a main feature and are created around a poem or a story like the Tale of Genji. The Rikugien Gardens are known as a cultural heritage gardens that was originally created in 1702 by a Lord and has since been declared as a “Special Places of Scenic Beauty” in 1953.

We delayed going to this garden earlier in the year because we were waiting for the fall season for cooler weather and the changing of the trees leaves! Colder weather and the vivid colors of yellow, red and orange are some of my favorite things and being able to experience the best of the season in a new way was something I was looking forward to since our arrival.

The new way to better appreciate the changing leaves of gingko and other trees is with lights illuminating them from the outside or inside, while viewing it all at night. At first, we struggled to find the gardens while it rained and with no umbrellas we almost went back to the train station! But with some luck we managed to find the gardens and had a great time taking in the colors of fall and sounds of the night.

All in all the gardens were serene and almost too quiet, but the experience was something I would do over and over again.

Until next time,



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