Quick Tips for Saving Money in Japan

Hello everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the Fall season in whatever country you are reading this from. 😀

Fall has finally hit Japan and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Massive amounts of rain, beautiful changing colors of foliage and limited edition seasonal snacks are upon us here in Tokyo! I have found myself buying more kawaiii things than usual since this wonderful season began and unfortunately, my wallet is not as adventurous as my palate.

Sara and Mana in Kamakura
Sara and Mana in Kamakura

So, here are a few money saving tips if you ever find your wallet a little empty in Japan…

  1. Food can be found cheaply in Tokyo. I like to shop previous days perishables in chain groceries and hunt for reduced bentos late or early in the day. If you spot a Lawsons 100 while walking about town try to stop in, as nearly everything is priced at ¥100!
  2. You can find resale clothing in Japan–they are usually a much cleaner and better organized version of Goodwill. The clothing, shoes and other goods in most stores are nearly brand new, if they don’t still have the stores tags on them. The recycled clothes store near my home is priced ¥105-525 for shirts, jackets and pants. Winter coats can also be found here for the starting price of ¥525!
  3. Resist the urge to get a vending machine drink. I know you are thirsty but another 20 steps will take you right by a grocery store where you can get the same drink for ¥50 cheaper. Or refill your used bottle with some homemade tea before you go out on the town.
  4. Finally, if you are feeling up to the task try walking to your destination instead of using the train. The walk may look far on Googlemaps but it really isn’t quite that long of a distance. If you want to take the train anyway it will most likely cost a few hundred yen each way however, if you walk you can save that money for a meal when you arrive at your destination. Or blow it on six vending machine drinks on your walk back home. This is a judgement free zone.

I hope these quick tips come in handy for anyone who finds themselves nearly out of money while traveling Japan.

I know they will come in handy as the cutest season in Tokyo continues its charming seasonal foods and kawaiiii clothes. ^-^

See you soon,



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