Midterms and the Beach

Hello everyone!

This past Friday we travelled to Kamakura with the intention of forgetting the headaches of midterms. Kamakura is near enough that we made the almost two-hour trip in the morning by train, planning on spending a few hours in Kamakura looking at important sights, and then moving to a nearby beach to watch the sunset.

This was a great time to go because the weather is just now becoming colder and the sun is staying away so it makes for a breezy beach day.  We also beat the large crowds that flock to Kamakura’s sights like the large bronze Buddha statue located in the Kotoku-in Shrine. The town itself is a quite and charming spot to enjoy Buddha shaped custard filled pancake pastry and some traditional Japanese snacks like dango, located right outside the entrance to the Kotoku-in Shrine.

After checking out the main sights of Kamakura we jumped on the small local train to Enoshima Island. The train ride itself was also a highlight of the day! As the trains path went right along the ocean shore.

Enoshima Island is also a bustling but charming city with its main attractions being centrally located. We went along the shore and saw great views of Mount Fuji at sunset and numerous important Shinto shrines which required you to either pay 750 yen to ride to the top or walk up a ton of stairs to get to! But the being at the beach, walking on the dark sand collecting sea shells, walking out into the clear salty water with a surprisingly shallow shores, and taking in the vibrant colored sunset that painted the water similar colors all made for a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

I can’t wait to see what else is out there or what our adventures hold in store!

Until next time,


The sunset over the shore!
The sunset over the shore!
The giant Buddha in Kamakura.
The giant Buddha in Kamakura.
This picture looks fake, but that's Mount Fuji in the distance!
This picture looks fake, but that’s Mount Fuji in the distance!

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